Care tips for cut flowers


Since cut flowers no longer receive nutrients and water from their roots, cut end of the stem must be kept functioning to encourage water uptake.Caution while handling flowers to avoid damage to stem surface.


Prep the flowers by removing leaves at bottom of the stems that will be submerged in the water.


Trim stems at a 45 degree angle with sharp garden shear

– regular trimming will help prevent the stem-ends from drying out.


No. 1 cause of short flower life is bacteria growth in the water. Bacteria destroy plant tissues at the cutend of the stem, causing plant tissues in water to rot.


Wash container thoroughly and recut stems regularly to get rid of bacteria and expose fresh stem end to maintain steady

water uptake.


Add not more than ¼ tsp of bleach per litre of water

– Chlorine bleach acts as floral preservation to control bacteria growth in water.


Check on the water level daily to make sure that all stems are in the water.


Cut flowers stay fresh longer in cool, humid temperature.


Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and heat sources.


Mist flowers occasionally to keep them cool.


Some flowers like hydrangeas take in a lot more water than you can think.

Apart from misting the flowers, you can dip them in iced water to keep them fresh and in shape.