Movie Synopsis

Is it really better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?

Mugi and Kinu meet by chance one night, after missing the last train. They believe that they have found the ideal partner in each other through shared interests in music, movies and books, but the relationship eventually turns sour when reality gets in the way.

How we came about with the collaboration

Mirage Flowers have thus far developed various lineup of bouquets but the deciding factor for this collaboration was the concept of the current popular Japanese movie – “We Made A Beautiful Bouquet”.

Its symbolic use of the ‘Floral Bouquet’ in the movie, the storyline which is gentle and yet at times melancholic, made us empathise deeply.

We hope that you can enjoy this wonderful movie as well as the bouquet we have designed – amid the Covid-19 pandemic that is our daily life now.

Movie Inspired Bouquet

Design concept of the bouquet

With the use of various types of flowers and colours, the idea is to depict the wonderful 5 years Mugi and Kinu have spent with each other.

So full of gentle love, shining and yet melancholic memories all wrapped into one bouquet.

We hope that each vibrant and lovely flowers gives off an image that can connect your senses to the storyline of Mugi and Kinu.